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Volunteer with us!

Code Your Dreams is always seeking enthusiastic volunteers to help us deliver the best possible experience to our students. Have teaching or tech experience? Passionate about promoting equity in tech?
Get to know us and contribute to our ever-improving curriculum by signing up for a one-time, 2-4 hour Saturday pop-up session. Or, if you’re ready for a rewarding teaching experience as a facilitator in a Code Your Dreams classroom, join us for a 3-12 month course period for 2 hours per week providing career-based skills to our students.
Commitments range from drop-in to on-going, so there’s sure to be a good fit for you.
Saturday Curriculum Sprints

2-4 hour sessions

We periodically turn to our volunteer community for help test-drive and develop new curriculum. These sessions are low-commitment and high-satisfaction - in just one three hour session, you contribute valuable insight and feedback to our curriculum, helping us provide intentional, rigorous, effective curriculum that works for a variety of students. No education or programming experience required. Come as you are and be ready to meaningfully shape the Code Your Dreams learning experience.

Code Your Dreams Course Facilitation

3- 12 month courses

Apply for our on-going facilitation opportunities if you are ready to take the next step in your Code Your Dreams journey. Our ongoing volunteers have the opportunity to serve as mentors and in-class support to our students, contributing to each student experience and ensuring the best possible outcomes. Course periods last 3-12 months, with 2 hour classes per week. Improve the classroom experience with your programming prowess, education training, and enthusiasm for learning.

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