Code Your Dreams

Welcome to Code Your Dreams, a 501C3 non-profit dedicated to equipping students with resources to build impactful apps.

Keep reading to learn more about who we are and what our mission is.

Who We Are

Code Your Dreams brings together a team of passionate Educators, Software Engineers, Data Scientists and Designers, ready to make an impact in the classroom. Every instructor has experience both in the classroom and in the technology field.


What We Do

Code Your Dreams’ mission is to amplify the voices of younger generations and embolden them to think critically, creatively and empathetically. We do this by teaching our students how to build the applications they dream of for a better world.


Who We Serve

Code Your Dreams focuses their resources on underserved groups in the technology space, including students from underrepresented groups and communities and incarcerated people. The intention to drive equity in the technology space is of utmost priority.

Our History, From our Founder

Since moving to Chicago in 2014, I've had the great privilege of tutoring students across Chicago Public Schools. It's been an amazing opportunity for me to get familiar with Chicago’s diverse communities and neighborhoods. Each student I’ve met has been uniquely passionate about their communities. Not only that, they’re eager to challenge the everyday problems in those communities.

As a Data Scientist, I realized something important. By introducing my students to the world of computer science, I could empower them to build impactful applications for their communities.

I started with small Design Thinking workshops. My students brainstormed innovative, impactful applications. I just needed to give them the tools to move those ideas from ideation to delivery.

I was lucky to find a passionate team and we’re now teaching the full application development process as a year-long curriculum. Every student cohort concludes with a final showcase of their fully developed applications to friends, family and the community. It all comes back to community. - Brianne

Meet Our Board Members, Teachers and Lead Volunteers

We couldn't do what we do without the spirit of our team. Get to know us!
team member
Founder / Executive Director
Brianne Caplan

Brianne is a native of Baltimore, but is now a proud Chicago transplant since attending the University of Chicago. At the University of Chicago, Brianne focused her studies on education technology and its role in mitigating conflict for students in the Middle East. Brianne founded Code Your Dreams, a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to helping students build community-focused applications from ideation to delivery, where she is the current Executive Director. In addition to her work at Code Your Dreams, Brianne is the Data Scientist for Edovo, a company that provides a tablet based education and communication platform to incarcerated people. Previously, Brianne has worked as an Educator in the United States and in Israel for Middle and High School students.

team member
Lead Programming Curriculum Developer / Volunteer Manager
Victoria Reese

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team member
Lead Design Instructor
Mary Stanton

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